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A Local's Culinary Tour of the Galilee

with Paul

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The Galilee is often described as Israel's Provence or Tuscany. Each of these regions has its own particular characteristics, but certainly our region is rural, green and has top quality, locally grown agricultural produce. Olives, olive oil, fruit and vegetables have been staples since biblical days. In addition, we have seen in the last few years an abundance of small boutique craftspeople, producing gourmet products ranging from cheeses, meats, breads and conserves, to beers, wines and liqueurs. I will take you to see all this. You will see a side of the Galilee that is far beyond the average tourist sites.
You will also participate in a short cooking workshop (if you want) and have a traditional home cooked meal in an Arab village for lunch.
If it's edible and from the Galiee, then I know about it. I want to share that experience with you.

large comercial winery and small boutique wineries, including an organic winery
cheese tasting at a goat's cheese diary
visit an un-touristed,authentic local market (if the day is right)
see a 200 year old flour mill, still active today
visit an olive press and learn about olive production and curing
short Arab cooking workshop and home hospitality meal
and more...

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Galileat is owned and operated by Paul Nirens. I have lived in the Galilee for almost 30 years. In that time I have cultivated relationships with many people living in the area. These relationships allow me to offer true grass-roots cultural experiences, based around food, working in co-operation with those that live in the area. I believe that in order to eat properly in the Galilee , to encounter the authentic, real-life atmosphere of Israel's green North, it has be done with and by locals. A Galileat adventure allows an in-depth view of the real Israel. If it's edible and from the Galilee, then I know about it. I want to share that experience with you. Full profile Leave a Review