Shanghai, China

Chinese Guqin Music Class

with Janny C.

Janny C.

Confucius said: “To educate somebody, you should start with poetry, emphasize rituals, and finish with music”. The guqin is not merely a musical skill, it embodies the whole gamut of Chinese culture and tradition. In ancient times, guqin is a unique musical instrument.Along with calligraphy, the game of Go and Painting, the qin formed one of the four cultural cornerstones of a learned Chinese. Historically, the guqin has been viewed as a symbol of Chinese high culture and the instrument most expressive of the essence of Chinese music. The class are open to all who are interested would like to know more about the guqin and Chinese culture. At the end of the course you will able to play simple pieces, sing famous Chinese poems while playing, and will have gained a broader appreciation of Chinese culture. You will also learn how to appraise the guqin music you hear, how to observe a player's posture and hand gestures, and how to recognize different styles. Class will be interactive, consisting of lectures, audio-visual sessions, demonstrations and discussions.

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We take you behind the scenes of a destination to reveal it's hidden gems and appreciate the Chinese culture. The owner of Shanghai Pathway – a Shanghai based tour agency that offers Unique Day Trips, Walking Tours and Chinese Culture Experiences. Janny Chyn has been featured in media outlets including the Courier, CNNgo, Tripadvisor and TimeOut. Living in Shanghai, she realized how difficult it was for visitors to experience and discover the real Shanghai. This ultimately compelled her to establish her tour company as a platform to engage learning and understanding through culture activities such as day trip, walking tour, cooking classes, food tours, and lectures. In addition to designing and hosting various tours and events, Janny also provided travel planning, logistical support, and full-service concierge services to large client groups and corporate clients. She is a business consultant, artist, tea master and student of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has extensively traveled around the world and spends time researching Chinese history and heritage traditions. Janny has also successfully worked with corporate clients: Google, JP Morgan, The Macmillan Group, Henkel, World Fuel Services, Rabobank, Shanghai Centre, Spirax Sarco, Slow Food, The Travel Yogi, Saint Mary's College of California, Ctrip, Malosa Medical, Ranpak, Concordia International School, SEA, AWCS, etc. Full profile Leave a Review

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