Santo Stefano Belbo, Italy

The Day of an Italian Grape Producer

with Traci I.

Traci I.

As you are sipping a glass of wine ever wonder where those grapes were grown, who cared all year and harvested the grapes? I run a small vineyard where maintenance is mainly done all by massive machinery used. As the seasons change the type of work changes. I am offering a hands on experience in the hills of northern Italy to understand the passion and time involved in growing the grapes we all love to enjoy in a bottle of wine.

Individuals or groups are taken to my vineyard for a day of learning, getting hands dirty, breathing fresh air and at the end of the day enjoying your fruits of labor.

The day will include a well-deserved "farm to table" lunch and wine tasting at a local cantina to close out the day.

The experience can be booked at any time of the year. Vineyard work is seasonal and the workload is never lacking. In the winter we are pruning back the vines. Springtime leads to tying the vines down in "guyot" and starting to pull the vines and growing them straight. Summer is the work of cutting the growth back and letting the sunlight thought the leaves to help growth. Fall is the traditional "vendammia" (harvest). I look forward to sharing this beautiful part of the world and the hands on knowledge I have gained in cultivating grapes.

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Traci I.

I am an American living in northern Italy. After successful international careers my husband and myself decided to hang it all up and become farmers in Piedmont, Italy. We cultivate 3 hectars of wine grapes - moscato and dolcetto and are restoring 2 farmhouses to be opened as an agriturismo in 2015. We moved to Italy permanently 5 years ago with our small daughter. After travelling througout the world, I can now call the "Langhe" region my home. This area is one of the most genuine from it's people to the food and wine...nothing processed here. In fact you will not see a McDonalds for miles. Over the years I have discovered hidden treasures...gorgeous wine poured with love from the producers, cheese makers with their sheep, undiscovered trattorias, and truffle hunters who strike a hard bargain and views which slow your heart and make you take a deep breath. I would enjoy organizing an itinerary based upon the seasonal produce, provide bookings for some of the best restuarants/trattorias, or meet for an apperitivi to discuss your travel plans. Full profile Leave a Review

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