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Odilia D.

Florence, Parma and Bologna are not just art cities, discover the markets, the gardens, the countryside, take a break with an exquisite artisan ice cream with flavors to suit you or enjoy one of the many specialties of the Emilian Cuisine or do a Parmesan cheese and ham tasting tour. Florence is known worldwide for its leather products so you might want to spoil yourself by visiting either the Central Market or choose among the many shops which offer these products. If you are fashion conscious you will enjoy visiting the many designer shops or even attend one of the modelling shows at Palazzo Pitti. Why not visit a jewelry workshop? Florence is also known for great jewelry design and if you are looking for something special and don't want to get it made to order then the place to go is Ponte Vecchio which is lined with jewelry shops on both sides of the bridge. Of course it is fun just to window shop taking the opportunity to admire Florence from the river, photograph the iron fences which have been weighed down with locks of lovers who have placed them there swearing eternal love to their partner. Parma is the hometown of Verdi and Toscanini so if you are a music lover you will certainly enjoy visiting their homes and/or going to one of their concerts at the exquisite theaters of the city. Take a stroll through the Pilgrim's route and feel the strong emotive sensation of all the hidden jewels along this road.
Drive or take a train through to Lake Como and discover the breathtaking beauty of the lake side towns. Best way to see them is from the water so you are able to choose whether to hire your own boat or get a boat with a captain that will show you around this location which has always been a favorite spot for holiday makers and many a well known personality has made it his/her home.
Postcard perfect with its alleys, lakeside restaurants, mountain paths for great strolls and wonderful shopping experiences - Lake Como has it all to offer its visitor.

This trip is valid till end Sept 2014.Wherever you go in Italy you can't not enter the many places which are art havens so if you are not a museum lover then choose to visit churches (you pay less than museums and many of them are free). Choose your accommodation with care and prefer to be central even if they are a little more expensive as this will allow you so save on transport - buses usually stop at around 8 pm in which case you would have to use taxis which are quite expensive. When going for a meal always look for the restaurants where the locals go, many offer tourist menu's but these are not always so good. Do try the local specialties especially the cakes and biscuits, they are fabulous.

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I am fortunate to be a citizen of the world because I have lived in 3 of the 5 continents of the planet - Africa, America and Europe. I love travelling the challenge of new places and new people, enjoy good food and wine.Living surrounded by vineyards I know where to try our best wines as well as farms where to learn the art of making wine. Our cellars have been called wine cathedrals and you will never know why if you haven't visited one - an experience not to be missed at least once in a lifetime. Living in Italy has shown me what the meaning of the Dolce Vita lifestyle really means, anything is possible from spending your nights in a hostel or a fantastic Italian Villa, visiting islands which for decades were were prisons and yet of such beauty to leave amazed, natural island parks and bays which can be discovered only by boat - it's all there and I would love to show visitors to Italy why this country attracts millions of people each year. Tuscany is a place that keeps surprising, this land between soft hills, cypresses and the Mediterranean holds so much beauty that every time you take a walk or a ride down a new road you are bound to find something beautiful to admire and make a memory. In Florence where to eat the best gelato (ice cream) or Siena where to have a great tea. Rome is another one of my passions, the Eternal City has been for centuries the place that enchants and amazes but not only for its art but for the extreme beauty of the architecture. If you are as curious as I am there are places with thrilling and secret stories where your imagination makes Dan Browns books come alive, the mystery of the catacombs and then there is the relaxing way of passing time enjoying a drink or an ice cream on a sidewalk, shopping in its famous fashion streets, in the evening taking an old tram listening to music and having a glass of wine while it travels around the famous landscapes allowing you to feast your eyes on one of the worlds most amazing cities. When people think of Rome they think of long walks around the famous sites but I know of exciting new ways of seeing the city that will make sightseeing just that little bit more exciting and did you know you can see Rome from a Hot Air Balloon - so very amazing. Sicily, the land of many contrasts and influences, of unique panoramas and welcoming people, a pleasure that fills your senses at each step, look, taste and sip. This magic island has everything to make us want to return and if there is "mal d'Africa" (the sense of loss when you are away from Africa" then for me there is also the "mal di Sicily" for nowhere else in the world have I experienced the joy of breathing as I do in this timeless island. I would love to show visitors to Italy our wonderful art cities and their well known sites but also the less known sites which mostly get forgotten in the travel guides and therefore go unseen and not visited and the romantic spots of this country which make lifetime memories Contact me. Full profile Leave a Review

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