Athens, Greece

Athenian Rooftops

with Theodore P.

Theodore P.

The last two years, Athens has experienced a flourishing of new rooftop bars, cafes, hotel lounges, eateries, exhibition and screenings venues and even spontaneous parties. This has allowed new meeting places for Athenians to enjoy the beauty their city offers, which is usually forgotten when they're amidst the gray hustle & bustle of the city life on the ground.

Highly overlooked by its residents, the Athenian terraces and rooftops have recently become popular as new hotspots and offer a different view of the Athenian landscape and renowned athenian landmarks. This unique experience will allow you to ascend to the heights where Athens looks its best.

On this experience, you will be able to overlook the acropolis and the city surrounding it bathed in the light of the sunset or the crisp sunlight and blue sky of the morning. It is best to start your evening out at dusk with the night city lights starting to flock around you!

This experience can be customized to reflect your preferences and tastes.

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Theodore P.

As a native Athenian and an architecture student, I have spent the last few years traveling the world and experiencing different cultures and cities. I've come to see Athens as an extraordinary amalgam of Eastern and Western mentality, expressed loudly in its city form and life as well as in its people - an aspect I'm always proud to share and let visitors get a glimpse of. As a contemporary flaneur wandering in Athen's streets and backstreets and discovering its gems, I always have a new story to share about Athens. Taking a walk with me is always an out of the ordinary experience. Never constrained by specific routes or guide maps, I am always in search for the unexpected and new insights behind well-known facades. Join me on my adventures! Full profile Leave a Review

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