San Francisco, California

Peripatetic Philosophical Adventure

with Dr. A.

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Dr. A.

The Peripatetic Philosophical Adventure is a unique opportunity to engage in a discussion of philosophical topics while strolling through the city.

After meeting up in a public place (like Dolores Park in the Mission district of San Francisco), we'll set about considering some classical philosophical questions and puzzles as we move through the city. As we talk and walk, we'll engage philosophically with our environment, letting whatever we encounter stimulate our thinking and inspire further philosophizing.

Below are some of the Big Questions we could consider:
-What Is Happiness, Friendship, Justice, etc?
-What Should We Do and How Should We Act (in a given scenario)? What is Virtue?
-What Do We Know and How Do We Know It? What is Knowledge versus Wisdom?
-What Is Really Real? What Matters?
-What Is the Point of Aesthetic Experience?

Or we might consider a question that interests you!

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Dr. A.

Hello! My name is Dr. Rita Alfonso, your Philosopher-at-Large. I earned my Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2002 at Stony Brook University (NY), and taught philosophy and gender studies over the last ten years at U.C. Berkeley (CA), Grinnell College (IA), and Stony Brook University. After moving back to the SF Bay Area in 2008, I began running philosophy salons under the banner of in San Francisco (and later, in Oakland). More recently, I turned my experience into a workshop on "How To Run A Philosophy Salon" available through the educational Udemy platform. I thoroughly enjoy discussing philosophical questions with people from all walks of life and so have set up this Vayable profile to offer a peripatetic philosophical experience. (The peripatetic philosophers were know for walking around as they practiced philosophy.) Join us on our next philosophical stroll! Full profile Leave a Review

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