Reviews for Vienna Night Photography Tour

Hilton L.

I had a great photography tour with Harald. It began with a hotel pick up and making our way to the Belevedere Palace for blue hour. We then went to the Prater and got some fantastic photos of the joy rides. Harald then drove me to the Lion Bridge and town hall. I’m very happy with my photos: 5 stars!

Paul K.

Harald was very friendly and knows great places in Vienna to take photos. It was a wonderful photo tour and he tailored it to perfectly match my interests. He was extremely helpful and patient at each location and gave some great tips. Thank you Harald for a 5 star photo tour. Highly recommended.

William P.

Exceptional! Harald was gracious and very well informed. He tailored his tour precisely to our desires and added a very affable mood with a terrific sense of humor. Of course, he knows his photography and helped out quite a bit with exposures. I very highly recommend him. I was very pleased to have the benefit of his tour.

Mike W.

I cannot say enough nice things about Harald Kalasek. I planned to take pictures of Vienna with him but, after we started talking and getting to know each other the plan changed. He asked us some questions and customized the tour to what he felt we would like. Instead of going to the usual tourist places, he took us to a local Buschenschank. It had just opened that day and he knew the owner and his family. We would have never found this place on our own nor, would we have had the experiences of meeting his friends. Harald made this tour very special. My wife and I felt that this was way better than any pictures we could have taken. Harald took us a Heuriger in town for dinner. He knew the family that owned the place and took the time to explain the different foods. We had dinner with him. After dinner, he took us up to the Vienna woods for a view of the city and our tour ended at Prater Park. All these places the Harald took us to were places that not many tourists know and we felt that Harald took the time and made the effort to show us places we would not normally see. It was a great and wonderful experience.


Harold, gave us a wonderful night tour of fun places we would never have found on our own. From the beautiful park overlooking the city to the amusement park Vienna is beautiful at night. I learned many little tricks from him and have since been able to use them in Salzburg. He was patient while teaching as well. He helped to make our trip to Austria memorable with beautiful photos to add to our home.

Leonie R.

We had a lovely evening with Harald the other night. Starting with a relaxing wine at a very local winery with views to the city. I got some stunning photos from Mount Kahlenberg and St Josef church. We stopped at several other attractions as Harald gave me tips and suggestions for the perfect shot. I'm really happy with the the photos I've got from the tour, with the added bonus of learning lots about Vienna and its history along the way. I would highly recommend a tour with Harald to photograph the hidden gems of this beautiful city.

Pooja K.

This was the best way I could have started my trip to Vienna! Harald was such a patient teacher and an amazing tour guide. I truly felt as though I was seeing the city not only through the eyes of a local but with a friend. He showed me parts of Vienna I never even knew existed. I was able to leave with photographs I would have only ever imagined in my head. Thank you for such a wonderful introduction to Vienna and a lesson that I'll take away forever!