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Discover the Animal Brain on a Zoo Tour

with Loretta B.

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Loretta B.
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Discover animal survival strategies on a walk through the zoo. We’ll talk about how animals find food and safety, and how their brains make these choices. You'll see eerily familiar behaviors, from the joy of reaching a goal to the frustrations of social rivalry. Animals are curiously picky about who they mate with, and we’ll talk about it in a family-friendly way.

The Oakland Zoo is beautiful! It’s leafy and quiet and has an amazing view of the Bay Area. I can help you plan transportation there. A San Francisco Zoo Tour is also possible by special arrangement. We will share a snack appropriate to the natural setting.

All mammals run on the same basic brain chemicals (like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, cortisol). We'll see how these chemicals drive basic survival behaviors, like attachment, fear, and competition. It's not easy being a mammal, but it's fun to know how our brain chemicals work in the state of nature.

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Loretta B.

I am the author of many books about the mammalian brain, a retired college professor, and a former Docent at the Oakland Zoo. I love learning about the brain chemicals we've inherited from earlier mammals, and teaching about it. I travel a lot and love to watch our mammal brain in action around the world. Full profile Leave a Review

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