Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Kutna Hora

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Willy L.

Although Kutna Hora is some 70 kilometers from Prague, there is no fast drive to get there. You spend almost two hours, if lucky in car or a bus. Yet the train gets there in a half the time with the comfort of facilities, enabling you to stand up and walk. Kutna Hora was from 13th century the second most important town of Bohemia and Holy Roman Empire for its silver mines and mint and is another Czech UNESCO site, a medieval town famous for St. Barbora Gothic church, ossuary (the bone chapel), plague pillars, former Jesuit college arts museum, royal and imperial mint, picturesque streets, gothic town hall and fountain and many more. You will do some moderate walking but you'll save time you'd be wasting driving or on a bus in narrow one way streets.

the train station is in the centre of Prague, the price is for the entire group and the additional costs for train fare and entry fees including some refreshments shouldn't exceed 40 USD per person and lasts 8 hours

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Born in Prague, acedemically qualified in Prague Charles University and University of Queensland,( B.A., M.A., M.S.P.D.) Most of adult life spent in Australia. Licensed guide since 2009. Full profile

3 Reviews

Frank L.

a friend of mine gave me a contact on Willy and I am surprised with such a low rating of him here as she's told me she gave him the top marks. We've used him in Prague, Dresden, Kutna Hora and Krivoklat castle and could've not choose better. He is really well of knowledge and very resourceful.

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