Terezín, Czech Republic


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Willy L.

Terezin - Theresienstadt
played an important role in "The Final Solution" of Jewish question by the Nazis.
Eighteenth century baroque fortress was converted into "Jewish settlement territory" yet in reality it was only a stop before gas chambers in Auschwitz and other extermination and labour camps.
There are many misrepresentations of the place, often it's being represented as a concentration camp and the whole monstrosity of the project is somewhat forgotten. Threre are many tour operators offering tours of Terezin but for schedule reasons always omit some important places in the location. Jewish tour operators frequently omit the Small Fortress as it was not part of the Jewish Settlement Territory, others will not take you to the Magdeburg Barracks where the impressoin of the place is captured by the artists living there at the time. The list can go on. The place is over
forty miles from Prague in unpredictable traffic and the operators usually have 5 hours trips including the time on route. This trip is longer.

Duration time is only approximate as the traffic can't be predicted. Should there arrise need to take more people, for an extra 100 USD I could arrange a van for 8+1. The fee is for a whole group and cost of admission no more than 20 each

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