Křivoklát, Czech Republic

Krivoklat Castle

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Willy L.
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Krivoklat castle is first mentioned in written documents in 1101. it was one of the most important castles in Bohemia, it's well preserved and easy reachable by suburban train.
Being hidden in middle of deep forests it served as a hunting lodge of Bohemian kings but also as a prison of important people with Edward Kelley among others. It's easily accessible unlike most of other medieval castles with only some half a mile walk. Though you can get there in little over an hour ride from Prague through picturesque countryside, it is not being offered by travel agencies as there are narrow and winding roads and the buses or cars take twice the time to get there than the train. It is the only castle that is open daily throughout the year.

for about 20 USD you can get there not only an entry fee but also a wholesome lunch. The price is for the whole group!

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