Portland, Oregon

Trails of Portland #3

with Brian G.

Brian G.


Pioneer Courthouse Square / Council Crest /
Hoyt Arboretum / International Rose Test Garden

Approximately 11 miles / 4 hours

A different kind of walking tour for a different kind of city, this is the urban forest retreat where feeling lost is a good thing.

These trips are a respite for the seasoned walker, stressed traveler, or someone looking for a calm space. This is an escape, rather than a tour. This is where you lose the map and its inherent anxiety. Let’s enjoy peace, quiet, and a little bit of exercise.

These are not climbs or scrambles, but can be somewhat strenuous at times. These trails are rocky, with mostly uneven terrain, and should always be respected.

All hikes begin at Pioneer Courthouse Square downtown and start with a brief ride on a light-rail train of TriMet – Portland’s awesome public transit system. The all-day pass is included in the tour and can be used until midnight.

All hikes either embrace or are in defiance of, the weather. I will go if you will go. Rain? Obviously. Sun? Ok. Snow? Absolutely. But, if you need or want to cancel, just please give me a reasonable amount of notice.

All hikes are 18+.

So, what's included:

• Personally guided hike of incredible forests just minutes from downtown Portland. I can also advise you on where to go and what to see while in the city the way only a pedestrian can.

• One all-day pass for TriMet - Portland’s Public Transportation featuring Light-Rail, Bus, and Street Car. Can be used until midnight on any public transit. $5 value included.

• A healthier and more experienced you that will feel lost without truly being so.

Any questions? Email me at hikeportland@gmail.com

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Brian G.

I am calm, stoic, quiet, and still. I am decadent, anxious, brash, and mobile. I tend to speak only when necessary and occasionally out of line. I am deftly competent, slyly knowledgeable, and without hesitation, street smart and self-aware. I am Portland. I am also Brian. Hello. After a quarter-century of navigating around Detroit, I sold my ride and moved to the wonder that is the Pacific Northwest. Nearly a decade later, I am proud to be a true pedestrian of Portland, Oregon. I have walked and hiked this city and its trails for years. I want to now show you around on foot. Full profile Leave a Review

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