Saint Petersburg, Russia

Workshop: Russian Cuisine

with Mikhail

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Of course, the image of the city and the country is composed of the attractions, architecture and the people in your way. BUT! An important aspect of knowledge of the culture is cuisine!
And how else if not with the resident of Russia you can try it on the taste? :)

On our workshop you will learn about the traditions of eating, of the ancient Russian traditions, how they cooked in medieval Russia.
Together we will make one (or maybe two, or three:)) traditional Russian dishes, learn the recipe and have fun together - so you can repeat it at home! You can choose what ever you want: Varenniki, pelmeni, borsh or bliny!! We can find a vegetarian dish too :)

Eating Russian food is delicious! Communicating is delicious too!
Just try it :)

Please contact me to request special rate for more than one person!

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