New York, New York

Whiskey Journey

with Rachna H.

Rachna H.

I am a whiskey strategist who has helped design new to market whiskies. I also own my own whiskey education company, Whiskey Stories LLC. Come to a unique experience of NYC. A weekend tour of select whiskey bars, along with whiskey education and tasting of newer innovative whiskies and local craft distillers. Sip and savor in whiskey stories. Start your own whiskey journey.

Have to be over 21 years of age. IDs required. Price includes tour and education of whiskies to pick. Whiskey purchases at bars are additional with potential to get discounts at select bars

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Rachna H.

My first day in USA and NYC was 9/11. But even then I knew I had come home. Now a proud US citizen I love living in NYC and showing people the sites through a unique light: through the water of life; Whiskey. I have been designing new to market whiskies in my career and hope to market my own some day! In the meantime, I love introducing people who are looking to get into whiskies or whiskey enthusiasts to some of the local flavors and also transcend across continents to innovations that shaking up the whiskey world! Check out my blog: Full profile Leave a Review

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