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Want to learn Italian or need a private Italian tutor? Learn it with a native, from the once known Samnium Region of Italy. As a matter of fact, the very name Italy comes from the ancient Oscan word, “Víteliú,” meaning land of calves.
Despite not too many may know about this, the first use of the word Italy ever recorded in history dates back to the Social War (90-88BC,) when it was used on coins issued to contrast Rome’s influence and hegemony on the rest of the Peninsula.
Therefore, by calling it “land of calves,” the Italic population who formed the Italic confederation against Rome wanted to allude to the fact that despite being young, they would soon have grown into a strong and mature bull, capable of fighting back.
For instance, Isernia being the capital of the Italian confederation against Rome during that period, one can easily say Isernia, only twenty minutes by car from Venafro, also was Italy’s first Capital.
I can either help you plan your long stay in Venafro, or offer Skype lessons at €20 an hour, and payments via PayPal. ½ an hour, first lesson free.

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Rinaldo Pilla (aka Al) is the author of the research titled “Samnite semantics,” where the former prefect of Judea, Pontius Pilate’s ancient home in Venafro (IS) is presented for the very fist time. More at: Full profile Leave a Review

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