Córdoba, Spain

Walking Through Three Cultures

with Gema A.

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Gema A.

Cordoba was one of the capitals of the world by the 10th century, a place where people with different beliefs could live along. Muslims, Jewish and Christians lived in these streets, now Heritage of the World. I was raised here and played in its courtyards in the old town when I was a child. I know every inch of the city I would love to share this with you. I offer a 4 hours private tour with three different options to choose from:
• World Heritage, must-see monuments in Cordoba: a private tour to the Mosque, the Alcazar of the Christian Kings, the synagogue and more.
• The Jewish Cordoba: a walk through the Jewish heritage still present in the city after centuries.
• The Cordoba of locals: I will guide you to visit some parts of the old town that tourists often don't visit (can't blame them! it's easy to get lost), old squares, places where locals meet and enjoy life in that very special way that we, Spaniards do. If you visit during Springtime, don't miss the scent of the orange tree flowers anywhere you go!
No matter what your option is, the price includes tickets, guidance and every tip you may need to make your visit as good as it can be.

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Gema A.

Born and raised in Córdoba, I had the opportunity of travelling around and living in other countries. Passionate about meeting new people and sharing with them the things I enjoy. Córdoba is one of them: for me, there's no better healing than walking through its streets. I have ran some businesses related to organic food and drinks, although I am in Real Estates Business now (on a long leave due to my recent maternity). Feel free to enquire about any issue related to Cordoba, I will be more than glad to help you. Full profile

2 Reviews

Lucy O.

Gema was such a great guide. She is a native to Cordoba so knows so much about the city, its history, architecture, people - there's very little she doesn't know. The walk we did with her on our first day set us up for the rest of our stay in this lovely city, and enabled us to properly enjoy and appreciate it. We also felt we were seeing more of Cordoba than just the usual tourist places. Definitely recommended

Rick S.

Highly recommend this tour! We had a great 4 hours walking around (even though it poured rain) with Gema learning and talking about Cordoba and Spain. Gema is very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing the stories and placed of her home town. We would say book it for sure it is a great value and Gema is a lovely guide and it added so much to our visit of Cordoba.

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