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Jay W.
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Experience Atlanta running tours of Atlanta's most beautiful hiking trails by trail running (running on hiking trails). Join me for a guided running/jogging tour of one of metro Atlanta's parks. Atlanta has twelve National Parks next to the Chattahoochee River, Stone Mountain Park, Kennesaw Mountain National Park, and several more state and local parks that all have hiking trails.

We will go trail running on the most scenic trails that Atlanta has to offer. Do you want to run along class 1 or 2 whitewater rapids, we can do it. Do you want to trail run to waterfalls, we can do it. Do you want to see deer, there is one park along the Chattahoochee river where I see deer about 75% of the time I trail run there. It is up to you as to whether we stop and look at the scenery or run through it

If there are many people of widely differing running abilities in your group, We runs like an inchworm with the fast runners periodically stopping to wait for (or run back to) the slow runners. If you have lots of runners, for safety, I will have a second experienced guide to be the last runner in the group.

We will run at your pace and the distance that you want. Most trail runs are 4 to 9 miles... so of course the time required on the trails will vary from one to three hours.

We will meet at one of the MARTA train stations that is closest to the trail (if you have 5 or more runners, I can pick you up from your hotel), then take a short drive to the trail of our choice.

Are you tired of traveling on business and only running the roads (with vehicle fumes) near your hotel?

Are you visiting Atlanta, Georgia for a convention? Instead of taking some prospects to the golf course to talk shop, take them on a trail run where there is plenty of time to network. In Trail Running, we can mix up running and hiking so that you are traveling at a pace so that you can talk.

If you are wanting to trail run solo, the cost is $98 during the week and $75 during the weekend.

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Jay W.

I do not run on pavement anymore. I enjoy trail runs because viewing nature is always better than viewing cars. My trail running pace is 10 to 14 minutes per mile depending on the terrain, and of course, if the people I am running with are slower, I go at that pace. Note that if you are a road runner and have never run trails, the pace is usually 2+ minutes slower than a road running pace. Why do I trail run? It is less impact on the body than running on pavement and is kinder to the joints, uses more muscles groups so it improves balance and agility, a great way to connect with nature, and I am having so much fun I want to keep running! Most all of my trail runs are veiled by a thick canopy forest that keeps them cool—perfect for long runs in the summer in Hotlanta! I have run for 40 years and have exclusive done trail running for 12 years. I enjoy trail running distances of 4 miles to a 30k. By experience, it is not easy to find the good spots to trail run in a new city, and if you do find them you may get lost on the trails, so I have decided to help runners visiting Atlanta to find their way around the most beautiful trails in and near Atlanta, Georgia. If you are tired of running the roads, dodging traffic, and smelling the fumes of cars and trucks, come on and lets trail run. When I am not trail running, I am an entrepreneur and business owner for the last 20 years. Being a business owner, I know that with e-mail and even text messaging, it is easier to communicate with more people in the course of a single day, but for some people, it mean devoting less time to the in-person interactions we use to actually build relationships. Golf, at 4+ hours per game, is a traditional path for building relationships with your customers and potential clients. But, not everyone plays golf, and there are more runners than golfers! Therefore, I believe that trail running along scenic routes - at a pace that allows conversation - is a great opportunity to get to know someone and to be known outside the business climate. Trail running, can, like golf, create relationships with fellow runners and allow bonding which can be very valuable. I live in Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. I can also design unique trail running experiences in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In this area, there are lots of hills and mountains, and lots of trails along scenic rivers, creeks, and waterfalls. I can design an one day or multi-day trip to run/jog/hike one or multiple scenic trails that leaves you breathless from the natural beauty. My Motto for my scenic trail running tours: Go Fast Enough to Get There, But Slow Enough to See. My Atlanta running tours could also be termed Atlanta sightrunning or Atlanta running sightseeing. Full profile

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Janneke N.

I made a trail running with Jay on the 6 of June by the Sweetwater creek state park. The trail was very nice and not to difficult to run. There were some hills but it was for a Dutch girl not to heavy. Jay was very nice and made the running comfortable and talked a lot about the area. When I will visite Atlanta another time I will made a trail running again with Jay.

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