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Ania S.

You’re in Warsaw probably just for the weekend, maybe for couple of days, am I right? And yet, it’s obvious that you would like to see all that the city has best to offer, in your opinion, of course.

So what would that be? Maybe the most important historical sites and museums, making sure you didn’t miss any of them? See relicts of socialism and remains of World War II? Or maybe you just want to experience Warsaw from a local’s point of view, see how people live and relax, meet locals and experience the spirit of Warsaw? I love visiting cities myself and I perfectly understand that you want to discover Warsaw on your own terms. If only it weren’t so time consuming to plan the trip in the smallest details… :)

So how about you Allos me do it for you? Just tell me what you like, what are your interests and hobbies and the reason you’ve decided to come to Warsaw! I will then prepare for you a custom-made visiting experience! Whether it’s history, art, architecture, food or night life that you are interested in, whether you like parks or busy streets, crowded sights or secluded places, I will put together a 3-4 hour tour allowing you to explore everything you might have missed going on your own. We can do it in the time and way it fits you, whether it’s during the day or night, on foot, on a bike or by car.
And if you don’t yet know what you want to see in Warsaw, let me show what this city has best to offer, a bit of its history, a bit of modern life and all the city’s charm and energy.

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Ania S.

Born and raised in Warsaw and passionate about this city! Showing my home town to friends & visitors (both native and foreign) has been my long-time hobby so now I’m thrilled to be able to share this experience with even more (hopefully) new friends thanks to Vayable! I’m a city girl, city parks and streets are my natural habitat. I spend most of my holidays exploring towns and trying to get to know locals and their lifestyle. When in Warsaw, I enjoy discovering new spots in town – cafes, restaurants, fast food joints, shops, thrift shops, clubs, bars and all new attractions that the city has to offer every season! My friends have a saying; ”If Ania haven’t heard about it, it probably doesn’t exist.” I’m a film school graduate, with major in film production, so storytelling, planning and location search is truly my cup of tea. So... If you allow me to, I would be more than happy to accompany you on your journey thru Warsaw, making sure that you don’t miss anything that you would have enjoyed! Full profile

4 Reviews


Ania was a great guide! She took us on a tour of well-chosen sites based on our interests, while sharing helpful tips and fascinating tidbits about life in Warsaw along the way. I also appreciated communication with her before and after the tour - she asked us simple but specific questions so that she could learn about our interests, she has sent us recommendations for restaurants, museums and shops that we could visit on our own. After the tour, she followed up with a recap of the places we had visited as well as a few more recommendations, based on our conversations during the tour. Also, when I contacted her after the tour to get her advice about another Warsaw attraction we were interested in, she immediately provided us with complete information. We highly recommend Ania as your local guide in Warsaw!

Trine M.

We had a wonderful 4 hour excursion with Ania in Warsaw. The communication with Ania before the trip was easy and uncomplicated. Ania made a great effort to accommodate our desire to see Warsaw from a local’s point of view. She showed great interest in meeting our wishes for the trip. Before the trip she e-mailed us small tips for walking routes and restaurants we could explore on our own – this was a big help in our further exploring of the city. On the trip with Ania she showed us the district of Warsaw called Mokotow, she showed us which sights and cafés the locals visit and her own favourite places. Anias tour and recommendations were spot on and exactly what we had hoped for! Ania is a fantastic tour guide. She has great knowledge on Warsaw, Polen and the population and culture. Her passion for the city really shows and rubs off on you. Further more Ania is very friendly, helpful, easy to talk to and all in all good company. We will highly recommend Ania to anyone who wants to see and enjoy parts of Warsaw the normal tourist would never see.

Dorota P.

We recently thoroughly enjoyed a custom tour with Ania S. Her tour was completely geared to our interests and desires. I had the pleasure of communicating with Ania several times in advance of our arrival in Warsaw. Her grasp of the English language, both written and spoken is impressive. Fear not, you will find yourself in excellent hands. We received many tips ahead of time and our tour was filled with interesting anecdotes and historical information, not to mention getting to places not normally seen or experienced by tourists. Ania's tour was truly an experience of discovering Warsaw through a local's eyes. We highly recommend her as a guide. Her enthusiasm for her city is contagious! PS: Ania truly went above and beyond for us. One of our party was feeling very ill and Ania was kind enough to take us to a good medical clinic to see a doctor. Thankfully it was nothing serious. We very deeply appreciate all of Ania's help in getting us through that little scare.

Mike W.

Ania is a wonderful tour guide. She customizes your tour to fit your needs and interests. She is very knowledgable and enthusiastic concerning Warsaw. Ania takes the time to get to know you. She spent time with my wife and I and made our day in Warsaw completely unforgettable. Ania makes Warsaw a great experience that you will appreciate.

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