Paris, France

Bloody Paris : City of Lights' Dark Side

with Zac Z.

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Zac Z.

Bloody Paris

Experience a thrilling walk through the violent and mysterious anecdotes of Paris, to discover the dark side of the City of Lights.

This entertaining visit will lead you through some of Paris most beautiful streets, guided by a storyteller.

You'll travel through the ages, as murderers, mad kings, desperate poets and alchemists, come back to life!

Our first encounter will be with a handsome young man named Charles, on his way to a party with the boys. But this is the XIVth century and Charles is no ordinary youth: he's the King of France. And this party is no ordinary party: incredible events will take place...with a mad king and a civil war as an outcome.

Moving towards the Marais, you'll see the Jewish Quarter and the Gay Quarter, featuring world-famous street food and awesome/bizarre boutiques, and hearing the stories of terrorism and revolution crimes on the way.

In the shade of Beaubourg (modern art must-see) we'll talk with the ghosts of Les Miserables and the 1848 riots. Our final destination will be the center of Paris: the Town Hall Square, where revolutions start and the Guillotine holds the executive power, and the impressive Tour Saint Jacques.

We'll finish in Place du Châtelet, entertained by Gérard de Nerval's (a major romantic poet) eccentricities.

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Zac Z.

Although forced to accept a few Nobels, I remain a very simple man. A future Historian, I like stories in History. I like writing. And speaking. And people. That's why I decided to tell people real stories that happened where they are. Ask me about that time Fitzgerald grabbed Hemingway and dragged him to the toilets of the Comptoir des Saints-Pères Café. Ask me why Fitzgerald then proceed to strip... Full profile

2 Reviews

Maria S.

This tour delivered exactly what was promised: a darker side of Parisian history. Zac is incredibly knowledgeable and very articulate in English. The tour consists of stops throughout the right bank. At each he paints a picture of what the scene would be like where his stories take place. He also has many pictures to supplement. He was very polite and concerned with our comfort, offering us to sit while he stood and offering his umbrella when it began to drizzle. Great tour, if we had more time we would have booked him for another part of Paris but honestly a 'spooky' tour was our priority.

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