Paris, France

Paris' Memories : Père Lachaise Cemetery

with Zac Z.

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Zac Z.

You probably know this is where Jim Morrison has been hanging around these days. Perhaps you can even understand the mysterious inscription on his tomb.

But will you be able to find him ? He's good at hiding. Also, beware of the Vampire. Yes, there is a vampire in the Père Lachaise. Along with a scultor obsessed with making his statues with huge manly parts.

You would be surprised by many residents of the Père Lachaise, apart from the world-famous ones (Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde...). Talking about Oscar Wilde, he's actually buried close to the inventor of modern condoms.

Also, his tomb became a meeting point for underground gay couples.

I could also tell you about that French President who died in front of a kneeled woman, his hand still grasping on her hair. Or about Allan Kardec (aka Léon Rivail, but he preferred his former life's druidic name).

Want to hop in this stories after death experience?

Just let me know!

(PS : Tours can be done in 3 versions : Short (1h), Medium (2h) or Complete (3h), depending in how much you want to know. Prices can be consequently adjusted).

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Zac Z.

Although forced to accept a few Nobels, I remain a very simple man. A future Historian, I like stories in History. I like writing. And speaking. And people. That's why I decided to tell people real stories that happened where they are. Ask me about that time Fitzgerald grabbed Hemingway and dragged him to the toilets of the Comptoir des Saints-Pères Café. Ask me why Fitzgerald then proceed to strip... Full profile

2 Reviews

Kristaps R.

If you like history and stories then take Zac's invitation and discover that Pere Lachaise is much more than a resting ground for the famous frontman of The Doors. We enjoyed our time there with him and he is a knowledgeable guide. Thanks! Kristaps & Anna

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