Paris, France

Paris' Fire : Fighting and Seducing Tour

with Zac Z.

Zac Z.

Everybody visits the Place de la Concorde. Some people know it once was the siege of the Revolutionary Executing Power (aka the National Shaver, aka The Guillotine). But you're not the kind to visit a city with a copy-pasted guidebook.

Join a storyteller with the power to revive epic/amusing/moving scenes of History ! Between Place de la Concorde and Place Vendôme, you'll see a Revolution change the face of the world; you'll see a city liberating itself from the Nazi occupier; you'll meet with Emperors, Thieves, Revolutionnaries, Noble Prostitutes...

Just don't let the first story impress you. I know, seeing a WWII Tanks Duel on the Champs-Elysées isn't really your usual city walk feature...but you'll get used to it.

Ever heard thieves brag about their "heist of the century" ? I'll show you the Heist of the Millenium. During the Revolution, 500 millions euros worth of jewelry were stolen from the Tuileries.
That's quite a big swag...although the thieves shouldn't have taken the French Blue (biggest blue diamond ever found)...They should have known it was cursed. Some of them were guillotined right away after being caught, only a few meters from there.

Or maybe, you'll prefer the story of the Emperor who liked to invite women in his castle. One night, as walking by the Gardens, he spotted a sleeping silhouette on a bench dressed in long, dark clothes. Willing to honor the so-perceived Lady, the Emperor proceeded to a wake-up kiss.
It worked, although the Archbishop of Paris was a bit surprised..

So why not hear these stories (and many mores!) on site ? Did I mention the marvelous Arcades of Rue de Rivoli ? The view on the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe ? The beautiful park full with benches, fountains and croissant sellers ?

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