Petronell-Carnuntum, Austria

Carnuntum - a Photographic Time Travel

with Harald


If you are interested in Roman history and if you like photography, then this is the right tour for you!

Located only 40 minutes from Vienna, the Archaeological Park Carnuntum opened a unique time frame where you can see, feel and of course take beautiful pictures of Roman lifestile 1.700 years ago.

Carnuntum, city of emperors, has been reborn. Uniquely throughout the world, the basic types of architecture in a Roman city quarter have been reconstructed in Carnuntum in their historical context: a citizen’s house, a splendid city mansion and public baths. The reconstructions are not fictitious sets or museum objects, but buildings that can be lived in.

Improve you photographic skills in this beautiful ambience and learn how the Roman Emperors influenced todays world during the "Emperors’ Conference" on 11/11/308 AD.

The tour is possible in english, italian and german! Don't hesitate to ask me if you have questions!

Entrance fee included.

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Born and raised in Vienna, I traveled a lot to other countries and have cultivated my very own view of the world. In the mid '90s I published a 'Guide for Vienna Online' and met many wonderful people, some of which became real friends. Today I've gotten back into Photography (which I learned in the '80s) after spending some time in different professions. We live in a time where anybody can take photos, but most of them are "just snapshots". Wouldn't you love to make a photo outstanding with your own personal touch? I will show you how to capture these moments. If you like opportunities that allow you to see the world a bit differently and want stunning photos to remember Vienna from a local's perspective - I am someone you should get in touch with. I believe traveling is more than just a vacation, it is an act of international understanding. Traveling allows us to learn about other cultures and bring with us parts of our own cultures. Every individual is responsible for the impression his culture and his homeland leaves on another. No matter what skin color we have, what creator we believe or in what circumstances we live, we are all human beings. - Harald Full profile Leave a Review

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