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Diddy's Kibera Tours

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Brad V.

Incredible tour of Africa's largest slum. We'll take you to see what outsiders don't see & you'll get a true experience of what life is like for people living here. You'll see social innovation & social change being created by people living in Kibera for people in Kibera.

Please note that Diddy no longer lives in Kibera, but we kept the name because he started it. Your tour guide will be Diddy’s best friend, Lemmy (Zuma).

Your tour guide, Lemmy (AKA Zuma) has lived many years in Kibera, and he’s famous in the slum. So many people know him! Zuma is one of my best friends. We lived together for quite some time in Kibera. He'll give you all the local insights into culture & life here.

You'll see a school, up-cycled artisan goods that create youth employment, local art & street graffiti, a biogas project & other urban sanitation projects, etc.

Of course, you'll get an areal view, hang out with locals, get your shoes shined (optional), try local food & drinks (optional), and even try your hand at some typical jobs & activities such as fetching water in a jerry can, preparing simple foodstuffs for sell on the street, etc. You'll also get to hang out inside someone's house!

This is the best insider look at life at the bottom of the pyramid in Kibera & quite possibly the world!

Of course, you'll be completely safe the entire time. Kibera is actually quite safe during the day & when you're with Lemmy (Zuma), you're golden. You'll quickly find out that he's quite famous here & know's everyone.

Satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't love your experience, just let us know and we'll paypal you 50% back.

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Brad V.

Please note your tour guide will be Lemmy (AKA Zuma). He’s a great guy and also my former roommate. Born & raised in the South of the US. Traveled to over 34 countries. Lived on 4 continents. Tons of awesome experiences around the world...World Cup South Africa, Carnaval in Rio, Inca Trail, the quintessential European backpacking experience, and countless treks & epic adventures. Served in the Peace Corps in Paraguay. Worked mostly in facilitating entrepreneurship & youth leadership/civic engagement & improving management practices at a large cooperative. Now I live in Kibera, Africa's largest slum and I work for a group that helps empower entrepreneurs in the developing world through advanced entrepreneurship training, consulting, mentorship & investment capital. I'm interested in BOP and social innovation, social enterprise, impact investing, private-sector solutions to poverty, urban poverty alleviation, and of course entrepreneurship & supporting the growth and vitality of small and growing businesses as an economic development strategy. Full profile

2 Reviews

Fernanda P.

Truly inspiring experience. Diddy guided us as a real champ! Extremely professional and knowledgeable about the area. He made the tour on our pace, and, unlike downtown nairobi, we didn't feel intimated for one second. The people of Kibera is very friendly. We felt welcome all the time and nobody pushed us to make donations or buy stuff we didnt want

Christine K.

My time at Kibera was the highlight of my trip. It was not easy to witness the conditions there but my guide Nicholas was very proud of what has been accomplished there. He did a great job of showing me his home town. It was a very worthwhile tour and I think anyone who visits Nairobi should go.

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