Reviews for Mona Lisa in 15 Minutes

Erik B.

This was a great short tour that delivered as advertised. We met up, skipped the line, walked over to the Mona Lisa, talked about it for a bit (amid an incredible number of people taking pictures, what is with these people?) then I spent a nice hour wandering. Great quick hit in the middle of a business day, super convenient and Johanna was wonderful. My only advice would be to do this v early in the day before the crowds build, but that is standard advice for the Louvre.

William S.

Had a great experience. She brought us right in past the hour long line, straight to the Mona Lisa in the maze that is the louvre. She then pointed out all the other things we wanted to see in the Museum and since all the plaques are in French it was a great help. Great guide went above and beyond my expectations!