Brooklyn, New York

The Brooklyn Love Experience

with Michael

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Have you ever wanted to experience New York City as a cool and informed local?
Well, lets make a day of it.
Lets take a trip thru some of the coolest neighborhoods and grab a bite at some of the best small eateries the city has to offer. Lets drop in on some authentic galleries and see what the local art scene is doing at the moment.
Lets cruise thru a few of the great parks and see what interesting people we will bump into.
Lets cross the bridge and go into Manhattan and check out some amazing little boutiques that only locals know about.
Let's experience this beautiful city that I call home.

*and if you are interested in NYC's nightlife, all you have to do is ask.

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I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in Bushwick. I have traveled the world and experienced the rich cultures of the world and yet New York remains that special place for me. I am a designer and film maker and story teller and I credit New York for nurturing things talents and passions in me. I have been showing visiting friends around my city for years and they seem to like the "Michael Experience". The "Michael Experience" is good food, secret bars, authentic art and galleries, best ways and places to shop, secret gardens, cool parks, and neighborhood visits that give you a real New York experience. Full profile Leave a Review

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