Bogota, Colombia

The Most Traditional Places in Bogotá!

with Germán P.

Germán P.

Would you like to learn about the history and culture in Bogotá… from within? This experience will provide you with a non-commercial touristic opportunity. Our journey starts at the “Plazoleta del Rosario”, where you can see the statue honoring our founder, Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, and which is a central spot to the most typical coffee shops, restaurants, and traditional centers of cultural life in Bogotá. We begin by visiting the “Salón Fontana”, where “kumis” and “rollito” are a must. Then, we visit the oldest bowling alley in town, “Bolera San Francisco,” still not under the influence of automated machinery, . Just across the street is the Plaza Santander, a pretty square surrounded by the buildings of the Central Bank including the Gold Museum. From here we can visit three very important churches which lie in a row, the traditional Café San Moritz (a true reminiscence of the old Bogotá), and later spend some time at a pintoresque bookstore with infinite possibilities known as Babel Books. In this journey, good coffee, tasty food, and many other fascinating activities are close at hand!

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Two-bedroom apartment available during May-June 2019. Located in a residential area close to downtown Bogotá, with all amenities close by, and in a friendly area. Suitable for individuals or families seeking for a comfortable housing during their temporary stay in town! *** Hi! I am a native Colombian, and I have always been a natural ambassador of my country and my city to foreign friends visiting or staying in Bogotá. I am a musician, philosopher, and historian, and would love to share my expertise and knowledge with you to make your stay more pleasant and interesting! Allow me to show you around the real city, the real Colombia, through its history and culture! Full profile Leave a Review