Seville, Spain

Walking Tour Seville Highlights

with Álvaro C.

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Álvaro C.

Visit with me the highlights of this Great city :
The largest Cathedral on earth +
The Official Residence of the Royal Family (Alcazar) +
The Ancient Jewish Section

I've DESIGNED this tour for those who want to know the essential places of Seville in a Half day tour and then want to explore the rest of the city on their own following my suggestions.
I will show show the highlights situated in the south corner of the city centre (Cathedral, Alcazar and Ancient Jewish Section).
If you come to Seville , this tour is a must !!

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Álvaro C.

22 years of EXPERIENCE in different tourism related companies together with my 15 years of experience working as LICENSED OFFICIAL TOUR GUIDE (not a temporary license) as a Free Lance in the city of Seville with a top level ENGLISH LANGUAGE, a very good KNOWLEDGE of the history and traditions of Seville and a very good sens of humour and flexibility, permit me to offer nowadays the BEST TOURS of this very city. AUTHENTIC NATIVE (Sevillano). I consider ESSENTIAL being native in this Job because I have not only the knowledge because of my academic training, the several exams I must pass to get the licence as Official tour Guide , a constant updating , but also the LOVE to the city where I was born and live my whole life , where my relatives live, where in resume thousands of local histories live in my mind. SKIP THE LINES WITH ME. If you want to do an agile tour, don't wait long lines. Obviously, I can't write here every detail of the content of a rich tour like the ones I offer you as you must take into account that you're going to be with a LICENSED OFFICIAL TOUR GUIDE who must pass 4 exams and speak at least 3 languages. Being native, I've been living in my city during the last 42 years (I'm 42 yo) and you can imagine my knowledge of the area. So, together the history, traditions, etc, I will show the hidden places, tapas bars designed for locals (cheap and good), places to find the real hand painted tiles (even you have the possibility to see how they paint now using ancient techniques (those you will enjoy inside our monuments, etc, etc, etc . Let me surprise you ! If you don't find what you want to visit in my tours, pls ask me about it, as Seville offers one of the most important monumental heritages on earth, temporary exhibitions, new museums, Convents, local artists workshops, flamenco lessons, tapas lessons, ANDALUSIAN wine tastings, horse rides tours in the countryside, industrial tourism (solar pannel plants, wind mills, olive mills, )etc, etc. I would suggest you to ask for availability as sometimes monuments change their schedules because of temporary special events or even I can also change/move my existing bookings. 100% SUCCESSFUL TAKE CARE AND KEEP EXPLORING THE WORLD ! Full profile

2 Reviews


This tour was very enjoyable and educational. We were impressed with Alvaro's encyclopedic knowledge of Sevilla's history, geography, architechure, and culture. Plus he's a nice guy with a great sense of humor - important things to consider when choosing a guide to spend hours with! Alvaro you are a true professional, gracias!

Rene B.

The tour with Alvaro was super good! Not only he knows his city and main attractions very well, but also knows how to keep a good pace which is very important when there are so many things to visit and explain. It was neither too much nor too little, not too fast nor too slow. We were 3 couples and all of us agreed that it was a wonderful tour. Congratulations to Alvaro!

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