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Yes, Great Coffee in Paris

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Emmanuel B.

Great places to enjoy and drink the finest coffees prepared by experienced and dedicated baristas have been mushrooming in Paris in the last couple of years. Yes, this is true! And coffee lovers cannot miss the French Coffee Revolution as it happens...

Why not have an insider take you on this journey in the trendy neighborhoods of Paris, share the specific history of coffee in France, introduce you to the actors of this recent but radical change, discuss the aromas of carefully brewed arabicas, and adapt the visit just like you want it to be?

Paris is all about senses; such is coffee !

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Emmanuel B.

Hello to all coffee lovers looking for the best coffee experience in Paris ! How about an insider tour with an experienced barista, who is the founder and president of the French Barista Network, who enjoyed the coffee scene in New Zealand, Vancouver and California and visited coffee farms in Guatemala? As most people who are trying to reinvent the coffee industry in France these last years, I have found a passion for coffee that led me to radically change my career path. I used to be a biologist, with my research published in peer-reviewed journals on such things as DNA evolution, platypuses, conifers and endangered Caribbean corals ! I fell in love with the unique coffee shop environment and vibe during about 10 years living abroad (Scotland, New Zealand, Canada and California), and I decided to bring back the experience to France. In early 2013, I started my barista training at La Caféothèque de Paris, and that's when I fell in love with the coffee bean and its many subtleties. I learned fast, with a scientific method, tweaking the methodologies of coffee preparation, collecting brewing tools, making sure I understood every step of the famous 'bean to cup' phrase. I worked at La Caféothèque as a barista for 8 months, and then extended my barista experience at Fragments, Café Pinson 10e and Le Pavillon des Canaux. I have also founded "le Réseau des Baristas de France" (French Barista Network), which is a non-profit association that aims to build our community, promote our work and passion, and create a platform to share the love and knowledge of coffee with other professionals and the general audience (such as you!!). I therefore have a pretty large view of what specialty coffee is in France, who the actors are and what the unmissable places are. I would love to share that knowledge with coffee enthusiasts who are willing and eager to discover the new French coffee scene!! Let me take you there, where the real experience is, and taste the best coffees around ! Full profile Leave a Review

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