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A Cocktail Tour of Williamsburg

with Tess H.

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Tess H.

In the past few years, Brooklyn has become more than just a borough where people live, in order to work in Manhattan. Looking more like Soho than the cheap artist enclave it once was, by itself the hipster-run neighborhood of Williamsburg is now a top destination for both tourists and New Yorkers alike--for music, art, food, and, just as importantly, drink. By now everyone knows about how well Brooklyn eats--but not everyone knows how well Brooklyn drinks. In the past decade, a string of cocktail bars in Manhattan have been instrumental in the revival of a cocktail culture made famous during Prohibition--re-introducing the city to the classics, made perfectly, as well as lending a whole new, modern vision to the art of the cocktail. Now, it's Brooklyn's turn.

From alcoholic slushies to stiff punch to savory, herb-infused cocktails to the best damn negroni you'll ever sip, Williamsburg really knows how to drink, and drink well. Join me as I take you from rooftop to speakeasy, and from dive to cocktail lounge as we drink our way down the L train. As we sip I can fill you in on how this cocktail revival came to be--where it came from, and where it's going next. Don't worry, there will be at least one food stop along the way, to keep us standing up! There will also be plenty of opportunities for photographs, fun facts, additional snacks, and any other spontaneous adventure that beckons us.

All drinks--and a hot dog at Crif Dogs--are INCLUDED on this tour! All you need to bring is yourself, your ID, comfortable walking shoes, and your game face. We will be stopping at anywhere from 3-5 bars on this tour, depending on the preferences (and tolerance!) of my guests. Don't worry, there is no pressure to finish any drink at any location--this is to sample, not to get a hangover! The amount you drink is entirely up to you.

For obvious reasons, you must be over 21.

I look forward to drinking with you.

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Tess H.

My name is Tess, and I've lived my whole life eating and drinking New York. I'm a server, bartender, cook, writer, eater, and adventurer. One of my absolute favorite things to do is show people around the best city in the world--because to a newcomer, at first glance New York can be intimidating. Dig a little deeper, however, and you'll learn just how friendly, inviting, and hospitable we truly are. I want to make you feel comfortable, welcome, an essential part of this living-and-breathing, rapidly-evolving beast we call the City. Part of being a real New Yorker is knowing those lesser-known, hidden gems in the underbelly of this city and passing your tips on to worthwhile friends, old and new. I want to pass onto you what I know so that you may pass it on to others. I want you to go back home knowing you always have a new home to return to. Come play with me in New York. You'll never forget it. Full profile Leave a Review

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