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Your Personalised Parisian Roadbook

with Amandine D.

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Amandine D.

Get a taste of the real Paris like only a native of this city can offer: we will give you the keys to plan an unforgettable and personally tailored vacation, everything from lodging to dining, from entertainment to shopping.
Lemon pie is your favourite ? Love antiques ? Dreaming of a night at the Opera ? Collecting original versions of Alice in Wonderland ? Dying for a taste of a Saint Emilion 1995 ? Whatever your hobbie or passion, we will take care of crafting a made to measure experience that match your
Your personalized road book will include :
• our special selection of places to eat, to go, to see and of course in paris main areas.
• booking for you of restaurants, concerts, exhibitions or any other event you do not want to miss
• organisation of exclusive services : wine tasting, gourmet tours, private guides toutes etc.
The rate is for a 2 day-up to 4 day roadbook
You may learn more on our services and read reviews on our website

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Amandine D.

I'm Amandine, happy founder of Rue Amandine, my "little" travel agency, I created 4 years ago. I was born in Paris 30-something years ago (not so easy to find a Paris native in Paris!) and grew up in a milieu where French art de vivre is key. I loves Paris, where I have my habits but where I always keeps room for surprise. I'm the one friends and colleagues have always kept calling asking “Where could I take my parents for dinner?”, “What would you suggest for an anniversary?”, “It’s so sunny today, where can we have a brunch ?”, “Anything good being played ?”. I like going out to concerts, movies, exhibitions, partying or spending quiet times with family and friends by the fireplace or in a sunny park. I love good food (and good wine!), either the homemade one or the one you can find in selected restaurants. I feel truly sorry when I see disoriented tourists sitting in a place that won’t offer good value for money. I love travelling, discovering new parts, new cultures, new tastes, reaching new summits, and can’t wait until the next time when I will be able to go for a trip around the World (has to keep working on Rue Amandine before!). I can speak English and Spanish (and French of course) but would like so much to learn other languages. After studying in HEC Management School and working for 11 years in big Advertising Agencies (10 years at TBWA), I left the top management position she had achieved, deciding that after working for brands to make them bigger, I wanted to work for people to make them happier. Here I am, greatly helped by my team, with this ambitious project of making visitors experience Paris like only Parisian can. Full profile Leave a Review

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