Istanbul, Turkey

Eating Istanbul Out! - Episode: Balat

with Salih S.

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Salih S.

We'll loose ourselves in the culinary backstreets of Balat and Fener area. Get ready to taste the best hidden gems to eat.

Stage 1.
We'll start with an authentic Ottoman drink in a Sufi Dervish cafe, then try some "Kokorec" and "Tripe Soup" at a traditional "Iskembeci" followed by "Mezzes" in a very -but very- special tavern. Our next stop will be a local dessert shop. We'll try "Tulumba Tatlisi" there.

Stage 2.
We'll move to the 100 years old Albanian meatball restaurant. Then taste the cadillac of meatballs and piyaz plates. After that we'll visit the local brick oven bakery of Balat which is also 100 years old. Taste some grissinis with anason there and will move to a special restaurant and festive with "Stuffed Grape Leaves" and "Manti" - Dumplings that local housewives of Balat prepared.

Stage 3
After a bonus scene, we'll visit the patriarch of Eastern Orthodox Church and we'll all be hadjis there. Then we'll see some more interesting buildings and end up drinking our tea/coffee at the final.

Balat is a very interesting route to reveal. So get ready to mesmerised and have your cameras with you.

At the end of the day we'll all be more than gastrofriends.

Please do come with empty stomach!

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