Dresden, Maine

Hand Blown Glass Studio Tour

with Terrill W.

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Terrill W.

Terrill & Charlie Jenkins have been turning light into forms for over twenty years. Their Studio dubbed Tandem Glass lives a salt box barn on the banks of the Eastern River in beautiful Mid-Coast Maine. The Gallery represents works from both artists. Both functional and sculptural each artist has their own unique vision and many designs that go along with it. Prepare to see original and unique works in this inspired location.

Tour of the "hot shop" where glass is blown. Tour of the etching studio. Process and technique of each artist explained. Gallery visit.

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1 Review

A Traveler

I have been out a few times. Once with a group gathering. I had never seen glass blowing process before. It was fabulous, exciting and helped me understand the work even better. Being an artist/craftsman myself, working with clay, I so appreciate the tools, kilns, passion that goes into each piece. Watching the artists one can see the true love for their work. Worth the trip again and again

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