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About Food in Florence

For foodies included, it’s hard to have a bad meal in this city. Home to the Cucina Povera (the Cooking of the Poor that originated from Tuscan peasants), its food is simple but delicious thanks to high quality ingredients. Unlike in the rest of Italy, Florentine bread is plain and unsalted. Its at the core of all meals. Much like in the rest of Italy, however, most meals are certain to include a base of garlic and extra virgin olive oil that is often made in the city’s surrounding hills.

Wine is key to the Florentine experience. Some of the best wines worldwide are made in the Chianti hills just outside of Florence. Most restaurants, however, serve a simple house wine that is typically heartier and less refined, just like the Florentines like it. Wine is enjoyed at both lunch and dinner and is an important friend to the enjoyment of the food. Likewise, the aperitivo is an experience that typically entails a snack with a drink. Much like for the Spaniards, this moment is an occasion for a chiaccherata (a chit-chat) before dinner because, after all, what’s physical nourishment without food for the soul?

What to Eat?

The Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine steak) is a classic. Made with Chianina cows that come from the Maremma region of Tuscany, this steak is served very rare with nothing more than a C d’olio (a swirl of olive oil) and perhaps some rosemary. In terms of entrees, pasta is pervasive but don’t overlook some other Tuscan main specialties like Pappa al Pomodoro (tomato bread soup), Ribollita (break and vegetable soup) or game-based dishes made with wild boar, deer or rabbit. Tripe and other innards are also traditional dishes. Save some room for your sweet tooth, especially for some of Florentine’s best seasonal desserts, such as the Schiacciata alla Fiorentina (Florentine sponge cake covered in powdered sugar), Schiacciata all’Uva (sweet grape bread), Castagnaccio (chestnut cake) and Cenci (sweet fritters covered in powdered sugar).

Download some traditional Tuscan recipes for some DIY here:


Not required but appreciated. Coperto (a cover) is always included for sit-down meals.

Price per Meal


Best Restaurants

Coco Lezzone
I Latini
Buca dell’Orafo
La Giostra
Borgo Antico
La Casalinga
Quattro Leoni
Antichi Sapori
Fuori Porta
13 Gobbi
i Fratellini sandwiches
S. Agostino 23
Procacci truffle sandwiches

Best Cafes

Giubbe Rosse
Best Ice-cream (this merits its own category): Gelateria Alla Carraia, Grom, Cioccolateria, Buontalenti (read about its history here:


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