Adventure in Ho Chi Minh City

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About Adventure in Ho Chi Minh City

Because Saigon is Vietnam's biggest city, most people come here thinking urban adventures: museums, restaurants, clubs, theater. But there are plenty of outdoor adventures in Saigon to be had as well.


Hiking in Saigon? Hmmm. The closest thing might be a walk through the zoo and botanical gardens (2B Nguyen Binh Khiem St., District 1).

Walking Routes

Take an evening stroll along the river, starting from at Dong Khoi and turning right. Stop for skewered meats and vegetables, iced coffee, or coconut juice in mats or plastic chairs overlooking the water and then head over Cau Mong footbridge for nice sunset views.


In the early morning, the riverside path (see walking routes) is full of joggers and runners.


Pools in Saigon generally are at expensive and in luxury hotels. Some of the city's best pools are part of residential buildings, but if you don't have a friend to invite you there try out the rooftop at the Rex (141 Nguyen Hue) or Yet Kieu Swimming Pool (1 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1)


Saigon gyms usually require a six-month to one-year contract. For an alternative way to get in a good sweat, try X-Rock Climbing gym ( or Saigon Dodgeball (


Bicycle over Phu My Bridge in District 7 for spectacular city vistas.


Saigon has a much more developed yoga scene than anywhere else in Vietnam. If you're there long-term then try a general membership at California Fitness (locations throughout the city), which includes unlimited free yoga classes or Yoga Living in District 1 and 3. For drop in yoga, try Saigon Yoga in the foreigner enclave of District 2 or one-on-one classes at Urban Yoga Saigon in District 7.


Suoi Tien in District 9 is the largest Buddhist theme park in the world. It has waterslides, quad bike racing, and a go-kart track--all beneath an looming god-faced mountain.

Gia Dinh Park in Phu Nhuan. Off of Hoang Minh Giam (near Tan Son Nhat Airport), this park has a sports area on side used in the early morning and evenings for walking, aerobics, and martial arts. The other end of the park has a lively children's playground. With its well kept grounds, massive trees, and flowers, the park is an outdoor retreat off the beaten path. It's rumored that there are even spots in the park so remote that one escapes the sound of traffic.

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