Art in Hong Kong

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About Art in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of commerce. The galleries here cater more to those who buy art as an investment rather than to enjoy in their living rooms. Step into a number of international galleries here from the Opera Gallery to the Gagosian and you will usually find a Warhol or a Banksy hidden in the backroom ready to impress a high credit buyer.

The museums are a bit of a disappointment in Hong Kong and best to skip them altogether. The most exciting shows to come through are the traveling art fairs.

Local Customs

Chinese opera can be watched at Yau Ma Tei Theatre. The little theatre was recently restored and has become a go-to for opera fans.


Jason Wordie, a local journalist and historians, offers walking tours around different neighborhoods of Hong Kong. His cemetery tour gives great insight into the last hundred years in Hong Kong and a treat for the history bluffs.

Best Museums

The Maritime Museum in Hong Kong is a treat for the naval bluff. This museum shows how shipping has helped China expand to the Western world and gives a history lesson on Hong Kong at war. The museum is housed in a reconstructed building called the Murray House and is sandwiched between Stanley Plaza and the jetty.

Holidays & Festivals

Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival are big events. Many restaurants are booked for family gatherings, and the entire city is lit up in red and gold.

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