New & Noteworthy in Hong Kong

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About New & Noteworthy in Hong Kong

For many decades, Hong Kong played catch up with other global cities importing all that is good and noteworthy from the West.

But recently, there has been a romanticism for Old Hong Kong and entrepreneurs are finding new in everything retro from restaurants such as Cafe Matchbox to furniture design at G.O.D. Despite the homegrown pride, mega brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Celine still very much dominate the local spending here.

In the last few years, top restaurateurs from New York (notably Mario Batali) to London (notably David Laris) have opened outposts here in Hong Kong. Some will admit to chasing the Chinese dollar as the appetite for fine dining has slowed in many parts of the world, but not here where it is not uncommon to spend US$200 on a Tuesday night dinner.

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