Adventure in Hong Kong

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About Adventure in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the city itself, is concentrated into small areas of land mass, while the rest of the country is left relatively green. Great for the outdoorsmen, the seamen, or the aviator.


Hiking is a national pastime here. There is a different path for everyday of the month if you so desire. There are trails for families where waterfalls and monkeys are commonly spotted, and trails for advanced hikers where safety equipment is suggested. Every year Hong Kong hosts the Oxfam Trailwalkers event (a 100 kilometers hike that takes two days, or one day of hiking if you are really fast, to complete the entire MacLehose Trail).

Walking Routes

If walking is more your speed, there is a flat loop around the Peak with great city and country views, even a small waterfall to admire. It takes around 45 mins to complete and starts on Hatton Road. Access is from Peak tram.


Bowen Road is popular for runners at all hours of the day. A flat road that measures around 8 kilometers and offers great views of the city. Great for dog walking as well.


Repulse Bay Beach is packed with swimmers as soon as the water warms up. In fact most of the beaches on the Southside, and Hong Kong's outlying islands, are netted and suitable for a swim.


The mega gyms in the area offer day/week passes for visitors. Try California Gym, Fitness First, or Pure Fitness. Citywide.


Unless you're on a suicide mission, biking in downtown Hong Kong is not recommended. Instead, bring your bike to the New Territories where many uninterrupted trails are available. Nam Sheng Wai Peninsula, Tai Po Science Park and even Disneyland offers routes with a view.


There are many yoga studios for the stressed out Hong Konger. Yoga at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Spa in Central offers pay-per-session classes, so no need to commit to a package.


Hong Kong Park is popular with locals and tourists. On any given day, witness couples getting married in the near by registry, people studying the koi in the pond, or enjoying hundred of birds in Hong Kong's largest aviary.

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