Tours with Kids in Istanbul

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About Tours with Kids in Istanbul in Istanbul

Istanbul may have its wild side, but it is really a city of your average, work-a-day Turkish family, and there is plenty to keep the little ones entertained.

Good for Kids

Bring the tots along on the museum trail and maybe they will learn something new. The Energy Museum at Santral Istanbul (take the free shuttle from Taksim Square) is a great kid-friendly option, with several interactive energy-centered exhibits. There is also a great cafe outside on the University-owned lawn where adults can relax and kids can stretch their legs.

Kids too cranky to wait in line for the Hagia Sophia? Fear not, parents! You can always go to Miniaturk, where all the great landmarks of Turkey - and the world - are presented in miniature replicas. Amble through this magical land of kitsch, a popular spot with local families, to see all of the world's greatest architectural treasures - both past and present - in one fell swoop.

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