Art in Jerusalem

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About Art in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the Holy City but there is plenty of culture here too including English-language plays, the Chagall stained-glass windows at Hadassah Hospital and the Art Gallery of the the Israel Museum.


One of the turning points of the modern Israeli Art scene is the founding of the Betzalel Art Academy in 1906. The academy revolutionized Jewish art and many of these works can be viewed at the Arts wing of the Israel Museum. The most importatn and influential figure in Israeli literature is probably S.Y. Agnon who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1966.

Politics & Economy

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel (though not recognized as such by most countries). The Knesset (Israel's Parliament) and Supreme Court are open to visitors and fascinating places to visit for their art and architecture.

Famous People

Marc Chagall, Yigal Tumarkin, S.Y. Agnon


Jerusalem Film Festival, Jerusalem Beer Festival, The Israel Festival.

Best Museums

Israel Museum, Tower of David Museum, Ammunition Hill Museum. S.Y. Agnon House, Ariel Museum of the First Temple

Holidays & Festivals

All Jewish, Muslim and Christian holidays, Israel Independence Day and Jerusalem Day

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