Food in Jerusalem

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About Food in Jerusalem

As Israeli has developed economically so have both the food and wine industries. Israel is now home to over 200 wineries including a large number an easy drive outside Jerusalem.

The number of restaurants has also grown and now you can get a great meal almost anywhere in the city. While American-style food abounds (hamburgers, pizza) there are also great local options.

What to Eat?

For less expensive dining try felafel, schwarma and humus. For fancier dining Mediterranean dishes such as kebabs in eggplant, lamb and fresh fish with local herbs, mullard breast and goose liver dishes.


10% standard, service is usually not included

Price per Meal

Varies greatly from $5 - $7 for an inexpensive lunch to $50-70 for a nice dinner

Best Restaurants

Yemenite Felafel on Neviim Street.
Mahneyuda in the Mahane Yehuda outdoor market
Hatzer in the German Colony
Chakra in downtown Jerusalem
Lina Hummus on the Via Dolorosa
Eldad V'Zehu off Jaffa Road
Roza in the German Colony

Best Cafes

Aroma in various locations
Morgens ion Rachel Imenu Street
Waffle Bar in the Center of Town and in the German Colony

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