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Kuala Lumpur is a juicy melting pot of four major world cultures and cuisines - all bubbling under its cheerful demeanor. From the traditional Malay to the more recent Hokkien Chinese, Tamil Indian and British cultures, the city has borrowed and adapted the best of its indigenous and immigrant cultures.

The universal image of Kuala Lumpur might be its iconic twin Petronas Towers - once the world's tallest buildings, they remain symbols of the country's ancient Islamic history and its quite contemporary aspirations. But these and many other skyscrapers just scratch the surface of what KL is today - a city in rapid transition from a mostly rural past and a quintessentially modern future.

For the casual traveler, the city offers abundant wildlife and jungle attractions such as the FRIM canopy jungle walk or the world's largest covered bird sanctuary. For the culture-istas, the city offers Islamic architecture, pewter factory, Malaysian national history and traditional textile museums. The Batu Caves are a tribute to the city's Hindu heritage. Chinatown and Petaling Street are fantastic windows into both local Chinese cuisine as well as grand bargaining for goods of sometimes dubious origin. For those foodies who just want to eat and drink their way through the city, there are literally thousands of fantastic restaurants of every persuasion. For quick and dirty views of the Petronas Towers, there is the family-friendly space needle-like KL Tower, as well as chic bars like SkyBar and Marini's on 57.

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