New & Noteworthy in Kuala Lumpur

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About New & Noteworthy in Kuala Lumpur

What the Malaysians are the best at innovating is food. Although food might not seem trendy, only Malaysians can continually innovate their already fantastic cuisines. From fusion to Asian to Western cuisines, there are dozens of new restaurants and eating concepts opening up in Kuala Lumpur on a weekly basis.

Since the residents of Kuala Lumpur are so picky about their food, only the best restaurants, cafes and coffee shops stick around. In terms of value for money, Malaysian food is second to none.

Second to the eating culture, is nightlife. There are concept nightclubs and bars opening constantly - something for everyone. Although many would-be visitors assume that Malaysia would be restrictive in terms of drinking, there are no perceptible restrictions on nightlife. Although alcohol carries a hefty 100% levy, everything available in the West is on offer here.

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