Adventure in Las Vegas

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About Adventure in Las Vegas

Here's a secret: Vegas is in the middle of an insanely beautiful desert with almost nobody in it. If you want to blow your mind try walking round somewhere like Valley of Fire for a day then going back to your fake Venetian suite that afternoon. It's like being in a William Gibson novel.


Red Rock Canyon offers easily accessible hikes on the fringes of the city. Valley of Fire, approximately 45 minutes drive north is spectacular. Bring plenty of water.

Walking Routes

Vegas doesn't do foot traffic. The Strip is, of course, where you'll see the most pedestrians. But try Downtown, too. New improvements are making it incresingly walkable.


The hotel pools are lavish. Not all are open to non-guests but try slipping some cash to the concierge. For serious laps, however, you'll probably have to go to a local pool. Lake Mead, too, offers popular swimming and boating areas.

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