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Can you pronounce Ljubljana? Most of the foreigners have difficulties pronouncing the name of our capital. But once you are here you will get it. I am sure.

Welcome to unique city of photogenic Ljubljana. Slovenian capital Ljubljana, one of the smallest European capital cities, lies between the Alps and the Adriatic sea and was an important crossroad of the Slavic world and a gateway to Latin and Germanic cultures, so as it was surrounded by barbed wire in the 2WW. Today it is a pretty vibrant center of creativity and entertainment with rich, dynamic and remarkable history, relaxed athmosphere, picturesque and alternative neighbourhoods, numerous natural and diverse beauties, delicious Slovenian cuisine and the city experiences 4 seasons. Ljubljana, whose name means beloved, is the most convenient base for exploring Slovenia's diverse and outstanding beauties.

Ljubljana is a custom built and people friendly city. Ljubljana, which appears in 2 famous books (The Historian, Veronika decides to die), has no world famous attractions but it gives you an opportunity to enjoy the city itself and explore its hidden corners so as to invite you to give a try to Human Fish Beer, Blood of a bear and Teardrop of Gold-horn.

Cosy Ljubljana, with winter dreamy central European soul and summer relaxed Mediterranean athmosphere, is a city of students, many bridges, squares, parks, and tinny little veins, winding Ljubljanica river, a melting pot of different Slovenian regions and its dialects, a place where you can drink tap water, taste Ljubljana cake, meet a dragon and froggies. And do you know who the froggies/žabarji are? Froggies are the residents of Ljubljana and its outskirts because Ljubljana lies next to Ljubljana marshes where lots of frogs are living.

The last but not the least, sharming and cosmopolitan Ljubljana is a city full of small surprises, big flavours and impressions. Ljubljana with its dynamic and iconic image will become part of you once you experience it. A truly „ljubljanesque“ experience.

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