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Like any big city and capital in the world, Manila or more broadly called Metro Manila, will greet you with a juxtaposition of sights, sounds, impressions, and experiences. A heritage of native, Spanish, Chinese, and American cultures are interwoven in the maze of 16 cities that is home to a social spectrum of almost 12 million citizens.

The tourism campaign It's More Fun In the Philippines is aimed to encourage travellers to explore the 7,107 islands. But this cosmopolitan and elusive destination sprawls at the centre of the Philippines' largest island, Luzon. Even if Manila is the hub of trade and commerce, it is still often a transit city to the widely popular white beaches of Boracay and Palawan or the other provincial getaways.

Despite it's reputation of stifling traffic and heat, why don't you stop by, explore, and be surprised? The city has world-class hotels and amenities, but no shortage of places for those on an adventure budget. Embrace its beautiful chaos, even for just a day, and you'll be surprised with what you discover.

Proclaimed as one of the “selfie” capitals of the world, take a snapshot of yourself in the world's oldest Chinatown, a historic walled city, or one of the trendy restaurants and bars in Makati. All you need is an insider's look into this bustling city.

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