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Melbourne is a far cry from the usual tourist destination. It's a city famous for its friendliness and liveability but short term visitors can't rely on a checklist of highlights. While visits to the MCG, the Grand Prix circuit, National Gallery and Botanic Gardens are all worthwhile, Melbourne is less about the things you see and more about the things you do.

Set on the banks of the Yarra River, what is unique and exciting about Melbourne is the way it brings the best of so many cultural influences together. Melburnians travel widely, they are thoughtful, innovative and lifestyle focused. We put these powers to use everyday in an effort to create our version of the perfect city. From the architecture to the food, the city is defined by contrast. In our laneways you'll find every kind of wondrous hidden treasure... high fashion, world class cafes, bars you'd never think to look for. Half the joy is in the discovery, the other half is the character and charm that comes from a city built on enterprise.

Expect to work for your fun in Melbourne, all the good stuff is just below the surface but in the 'world's friendliest city,' help is never far away.

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