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Mexico City is a giant, sprawling beast of a metropolis. With over 8.8 million Chilangos, as city residents like to call themselves, in this colorful, chaotic capital, it's a place where you can almost literally find anything. Masked wrestlers? Check. Ancient ruins? Got that. Mountain climbing? Yup. A spinning restaurant? Totally.

Long before the days of spinning restaurants, the Aztecs pulled off an even cooler trick: Building the ancient city of Tenochtitlan on top of a lake surrounded by volcanoes. When the Spanish conquistadors came along, they decided to erect their colonial empire right on top of the Aztec metropolis, meaning that these days, you get things like electrical workers digging a hole in the ground and finding priceless pre-Columbian artifacts just below street level. (For real.)

Today the federal district, or D.F., has more neighborhoods and hang out spots than you could visit in a year. For the ritzy jet-setter, there's posh Polanco, where rico, suave types shop, dine & do yoga like rock stars. Or there's crunchy Coyoacán, where heavy-lidded hippies can flit from Frida Kahlo's house to the flea market after arguing over alt rock with other dread heads at a local coffee shop. For the rest of us, the laid back bars and restaurants of La Condesa and Roma make the perfect back drop for knocking back a tequila (or three) and the best tacos you've ever had in your life.

No matter where you go, don't be surprised to encounter service that will make you wonder if you've suddenly become royalty and prices so low you'll find yourself double checking to make sure you didn't accidentally drop a decimal point. Oh, and did I mention the weather is around 70-something degrees all year? And you thought all they had in Mexico City was air pollution.

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