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About Food in Montreal

What does Canadian food look like? Well, not much. You have your maple syrup and your beans (and sometimes both), ham, mashed potatoes, and most heart-attack worthy of all: poutine, a dish made up of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds - best consumed as a post-dancing middle-of-the-night snack at La Banquise.

But fear not. In fact, rejoice! If you’re a foodie, Montreal is the place to be. It’s no surprise that local chefs like Chuck Hughes have gained international cred. The city’s ethnic and national diversity makes for great meals. From molecular cuisine at Restaurant Toqué to afternoon dim sum in Chinatown with a stop for artisanal ice cream at Le Bilboquet, there’s something for everyone, and every budget.

Local Quebec cheese has won international prizes (Shhh! don’t tell the French) so be sure to try some at one of the many wine bars around the city.

What to Eat?

Everything and anything. Montreal represents cuisines from all over the world. But if you’re a first timer, be sure to head over to Fairmount Avenue to taste original Montreal bagels. Don’t tell New York, but ours are better.


15 % is customary

Price per Meal

$10 - unlimited. $25/person for an average, mid-range restaurant.

Best Restaurants

La Banquise (for poutine), Schwartz’s Deli, Beauty’s (for brunch), La Bottega, Garde Manger, Graziella, Restaurant Les 400 Coups, L’Express, Restaurant Jun-I, Sho-Dan, Les Enfants Terribles, Chez L’Épicier, La Buvette Chez Simone.

Best Cafes

Café Santropol, Caffé Italia, Laika, Café Olimpico, Café Myriade, Bagel Etc (Leonard Cohen’s favorite hangout).

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