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About Moscow

Here are 10 facts about Moscow, which I hope will entertain/surprise/amuse you.

1. Moscow metro. If you go from the center, the stations are announced by a female voice. And at the center sounds male voice.
One of the popular explanations for this tradition is: a man's voice should be associated with the voice of the chief (when you go to work), and female - to remind you of home.
In fact, different voices are designed to help blind citizens navigate the subway.

2. Victory Park. The highest monument in Moscow is 141.8 meters high obelisk - Victory Monument. Each 10cm of its height represent one day of the Great Patriotic War. It was opened on 9 May 1995.

3. Zoo. Largest zoo of whole Russia was founded in 1864 in Moscow. At the moment it is home to more than 3,000 animals of 550 species from all over the world.

4. Toys. The country's only college of toys is in a Golden Ring's town - Sergiev Posad is the only. And it was here where was born the world's famous Russian nesting dolls in the beginning of the XX century.

5. History. First wooden toys and souvenirs appeared in Russia in XVI century.

6. Arbat street is a pedestrian street 520 years old, 10 minutes away from the Kremlin and has at least 10 souvenir shops!

7. Food. Whether it's Russian food that you want with Russian traditional borsch, pelmeni and bliny, or a delicious French pastry with a good Italian coffee, Agrentian steak, Czech beer, Mexican burrito or Indian chutneys... you'll get them all in Moscow

8. Moscow metro. If you examine the red marble-lined limestone walls of the transition between the ring and radial lines in Moscow metro, you can see fossils of ancient inhabitants of the seas: corals, gastropods, shells of ammonites and even sea lilies.

9. Streets of Moscow: There are 3,500 interesting streets and small alleys, wide avenues and vast squares, mysterious embankments, endless highways and driveways.

10. Gorky Park is a Central Park of Moscow, with an attendance of more 100, 000 a day on the weekend

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