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About Art in Mumbai

Mumbai is generally referred to as a very fast paced city, where people value time, have the knack of being extremely punctual, are proactive, and have very less time to do any other activity due to every day commuting in the local trains. Mumbai is indeed a very fast city as compared to the other metro cities like Delhi and Kolkata, which are famous for their laid back, relaxed life. “Mumbaikars” is what the people of the city are causally called and the language is a mixed language of people from various cities that are living in India. The dialect is the Mumbaiya or Bambiya language.

Local Customs

The culture of Mumbai is of course again a mishmash of various customs and traditions of people settled here. In Japan a person bows, and in the US, a person shake hands or hugs, In India or Mumbai, people fold hands and say “Namaste” to greet each other. Well, another thing to keep in mind is that Mumbaikars are always in a rush and do not get offended if their statements are without the words like “Thank You” and “Please”!


Bombay got its name from the word Bom Bahia, which means Beautiful Bay. This name was given by Portuguese when they took control over the seven islands on the Konkan coastline and it was later popularized as Bombay by the British. The fishing community, Kolis had already inhabited many islands and worshipped the goddess, Mumba Devi. The name Bombay was the corrupted name for the Koli name of the city Mumbai and Mumbai is a combined word coming from Mumba, the goddess and Ai, which means mother. The name of the city from Bombay to Mumbai was changed in 1995 officially.

Famous People

There is no dearth of famous people in Mumbai. From celebrities like Aishwarya Rai, Amrish Puri and many more acting in Hollywood to industrialists like Mukesh and Anil Ambani owning the 99th rank company in fortune global 500 and from Politicians, much in news like Bal Thackrey to the sportsman like Sachin Tendulkar,, Mumbai has given birth to many names that have appeared in the Guinness book of records and are popular in India and abroad.


Mumbai is hot and happening, when it comes to events. And, no it’s not festivals, its events that are held almost every month. The Mumbai marathon is famous amongst locals and travellers, held on the third Sunday of January each year. The Kala Ghoda festival is very popular event that showcases the arts, workshops, exhibitions, music, theatre, lectures, dance, and seminars for good 9 days. Well, if you happen to be in Mumbai during February, this is not-to be-missed event! The Mumbai Boat show is an interesting event that takes place in February, showcasing latest yachts and boats at the Bandra Kurla complex. Mango festival takes place in March, providing the visitors with a variety of tongue tantalizing dishes and drinks made from mango. It is a must visit event, if you have love for mangoes. Bandra fair takes place in the month of September every year at the church of Mount Mary. This fair is a 300 year old event taking place every year and showcasing wax idols of mother Mary, and the wax body parts. People buy body parts made of wax resonating with their own body part having pain or any illness to light them in front of mother Mary in the church to appeal for help and recovery. Apart from this, the fair holds many stalls with people selling speciality sweets from their states.

Best Museums

Formerly known as the princess of wales museum, now called as the Chhatrapati shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya is located very near to the Gateway of India. Bringing to you a perfect Victorian architecture, this museum houses a collection of unique artifacts from foreign countries and rare collection items from the Maurya and Indus valley civilisation.

Holidays & Festivals

People of Mumbai celebrate all the festivals of India. From celebrations of Diwali, Navaratri, Christmas, Durga Puja to one of the important and major festivals, Ganesh Chathurthi, Mumbai is a high spirited city when it comes to celebrating festivals. Ganesh Chaturthi, first started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak is a festival where the big idol of Ganesha, or the elephant god is kept in a house for 1 and half days, or three, five, seven or 11 days and then immersed in the sea with bright, colourful parade where people sing, dance, and show the idol with flowers. This festival is celebrated by Maharasthrians, however, every Mumbaikar likes to participate in the parade and be a part of the celebration.

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